Most of what I have written on here has been more or less questions and a few theories.  That has been something that has been so great about the show.  So many questions that don’t really have answers.  Two weeks ago we saw an episode that many saw as a disappointment, the back story of Jacob and the Man in Black.  The reason people were disappointed was because we did not get any good definitive answers on so many of the mysteries of the island.  But, that I think is what makes the show so good.  Last night’s series finale was the same thing.  As viewers, we had so many questions going into the finale, and not only were they not answered; the show gave us more questions.  And after having a chance to re-watch the show I love that.  If they answered all the questions of the island what would we have to discuss?

The show was intriguing because of the mysteries of the island, but the reason it was such a great show was because of the relationships between the characters.   The finale had so many great moments of redemption and love between characters that we have grown to be so invested in.  The reason the finale was a success was because it hinged on those relationships, and not on answering those crazy mysteries of the island.

I was brought to tears when Jin and Sun “remembered,” just as when Kate, Claire, and Charlie did too.  These relationships meant so much to them on the island and to be able to see that in the “Flash Sideways” was pretty joyful.

Last night had so many great moments of forgiveness, and redemption for characters whose flaws have hindered them the entire series.  Jack and Locke; when Jack tells Smokey that Locke was right all along, and then Jack was able to have something that he felt a purpose for.  As well as the surgery in the “flash sideways “ “I hope that someone does for you what you have done for me.”  Ben and Locke; Ben apologizing to Locke and Locke forgiving him for murdering him.  Hurley and Ben; Ben finally being recognized as special and being loved for that by Hurley.  And then the final scene with Jack and Christian; most of Jack’s issues have been as a result of his broken relationship with his dad, the redemption there was what allowed Jack to finally “let go.”  Here is what Christian says to Jack:

Christian: “The most important part of your life was the time you spent with these people, that’s why all of you are here, no one does it alone Jack.  You needed all of them, and they needed you.”

Jack:  “For what?”

Christian:  “To remember and to ‘let go’”

One of my favorite things about the show was their ability to tie little nuggets from the past in with hints and dialogue.  Here are some of the ones I noticed last night:

“There’s always a chance I could kill you… see you on the other side” Jack to Locke before surgery and right before they fought on the island.

“Nice work doctor Sheppard” right after Jack killed Locke on the island

Not to mention imagery from multiple season finales past:

Jack and Locke looking down a hole with Desmond at the bottom (ie- the hatch)

Jack being lowered down a hole and then being dropped the last part of the way to fix the island. (ie- Locke moving the island, and breaking leg)

Jack standing over a casket (ie- Jack with Locke’s body)

Someone else kills Smokey and the new “Jacob” (Jack) kicks him over.  (ie- Ben kills Jacob and Smokey kicks him over into the fire)

And I loved that in the one episode we saw great pictures of wonderful characters:

Ben was both good and bad in the episode.

Sawyer had some great nicknames and also said “Son of a b*tch.”

Hurley was caring and made a Star Wars reference.

Rose and Bernard were briefly involved and were in love with each other.

Miles had the best line in the episode.  (I don’t believe in a lot of things but I do believe in duct tape)

I guess I should talk a little bit about what I thought specifically of the end.  As I said earlier, I enjoyed it.  I am still not exactly sure what it is, which is part of the fun.  I like they it is a place that all the characters realize is a place that they are happy, even if they aren’t sure exactly what it is.  Desmond said this to Kate before she “remembered”:  “No one can tell you why you are here, I am not talking about the church, I am talking about ‘here’ Desmond to Kate.”  Here is a line from Desmond to Jack on the island:  “A place we can be with the ones we love, and we don’t have to think about the damn island ever again.  The best part Jack, you are in this place.”  Desmond has no major understanding of what exactly is happening but he has faith in what he thinks he is supposed to do.  Which is the same for Jack and how he kills Smokey, it’s about faith.

But the pivotal point of the people from the island “going away” was Jack “letting go.”  Seasons 1-3 Jack had no faith and was a man of science.  That was the same Jack from the “flash sideways,” which is why it was fun to get to watch Jack struggle with the same things he struggled with on the island for a few years.

Now some brief things that I noticed and or thought were funny:

–  Smokey to Jack being the new Jacob “You’re sort of the obvious choice don’t you think?”  Which is hilarious because it’s what everyone watching has thought since we knew of the whole candidate situation.

–  Table 23 is where they sat at concert.

–   Apollo bar is A23 from vending machine.

–  Jack wakes up either in the same spot as he did after the Ajira flight, or where Smokey woke up after Jacob threw him into the heart of the island.

–  Hugo to Ben “You were a great #2.”  Love the pun, because Ben was a piece of crap to everyone during the show.

–  Kate changed clothes from leaving Jack and walking into the church.

A few questions (wouldn’t be my Lost blog without them)

Does Desmond have the ability to go between life and death?

Why show the wreckage of 815 at the end?

Where were Paulo and Nikki?

And finally a few ideas I have come across for spin off shows:

  1. A buddy cop show with Miles and Sawyer.
  2. Hugo and Ben in charge of the island and hilarious antics ensue.
  3. And obviously Expose’


New Thoughts after the penultimate episode of Lost….getting ready for Sunday

Will Aaron be born in the safe landing world?  Will that play a pivotal role in the end?

I liked Jack stitching up Kate, the opposite of what happened in the series premier.  Lots of this are opposite of what they were in the series premier.  Jack now believes in the island.

“I’m here to help him let go.”  What is Locke supposed to “let go.”  He thinks it’s the surgery on his back.  But it seems like it should be something more, he needs to connect with his memories of the island so he can stop the smoke monster…or something like that.

Ben was “told” he could summon the monster.  Who told him?  Smokey?  If so, he was being told information about the island from both Jacob and Smokey.  He has always been town between the two, but he never knew it until now.

Richard isn’t dead, is he?  I thought he couldn’t die.  Or is just he can’t kill himself?

Alex “Why would someone want to hurt you, you are the nicest guy ever.”  Great line as the parallel universe has Ben killing Charles and asking to kill more people.

Some of the four candidates seem to not have their flaws in the safe landing world.  Jack is a dad.  Kate claims to be innocent (which could be true), Sawyer is a cop.

How can Desmond destroy the island?


So if Jack is the new Jacob, will things go back to the way they were when we first met Jacob and Smokey?  Will it just be Jack and Smokey?  Will everyone else die?  Or get off the island somehow?  Will Smokey be killed?  Can he be killed, if so my theory is…Desmond will fix the two separate universes, and then Real Locke will have to die to kill Smokey.

Lost: The Candidate

After last night’s episode, we are now left with only 3 living “candidates,” Jack, Hurley and Sawyer.  And it seemed that at the end of the episode we found out who was chosen.

Sayid tells Jack right before he blew up that Jack is the one…so are we to assume that Jack is the new Jacob?  That seems pretty likely.  So Jack is the new Jacob and the smoke monster is now in the form of Locke.  So just like the first 5 seasons of the show it is Jack vs. Locke, although their ideology has totally shifted.  Jack is now the one who believes in the island and Smokey just wants to get off the island.

Also, was Locke supposed to be the real candidate, but because he died now it is Jack?  I say this because initially in season 2 when Ben gives Michael the list of who to bring back from the Oceanic camp Jack is not on the list, Ben adds him so that he can fix his back.  So, to recap Jacob did not initially have Jack on a list that he gave Ben, does that mean that Jacob initially did not think that Jack was a candidate?  And since Locke is the other most important character on the show was the real Locke supposed to be Jacob?

What does the death of Sun, Jin, and Sayid mean for safe-landing Sun, Jin and Sayid?  When the two universes are “fixed” what will that mean for them?  Are all of the passengers consciences combined so even though they died they will live because they have the memories of the other universe?

How did I just realize this (this is a post publish edit) they are stuck on the island, the sub is gone?  Aren’t they stuck now?  That plane is not going to fly is it?

What is Widmore doing?  It seems as though he is a good guy right, because he is against Smokey?

Where are Richard and Ben?

Why is Desmond so important?  Is it because he is the only one who can go between the two universes and “fix” whatever happened?  That seems to make the most sense, right?  Sayid said that Locke wanted him dead and that Jack needs him, that’s what he needs him for right?  To put the pieces back together?

I enjoyed that Locke is a “candidate” for Jack’s surgery.


New Thoughts on Lost after last night (3-30).

I haven’t posted thoughts on Lost in a few weeks, so here are a few new ones from last night…

So it seems we have now three established camps on the island.  We know the Smoke Locke’s camp is bad, and that the camp on the beach is good, but what are we to make of Widmore’s camp.   The last three seasons we have heard that Widmore is a bad guy, he wants to destroy the island.  And now he is back somehow (was he only able to get back to the island because Jacob is dead?).  If he is telling the truth about wanting to keep Smoke Locke on the island then he seems like a good guy.  There seems to be more to the story because if he was just trying to keep Smoke Locke on the island then why would he can about the pockets of energy that Jin knows about.

Whats the deal with Smoke Locke and open wounds?  Jin has the wound on his leg and Locke wants him to let it air out, he also leaves Sun after her being passed out with a big gash on her head.  Is it how he infects people?  Sayid had the open wound and now is crazy like a straw.

Speaking of Sayid…Why doesn’t he feel?  If being infeted meant not feeling anything, why does Claire feel anger?  Does the “infection” impact different people in different ways?  Is no feeling how Locke can get Sayid to do certain tasks that otherwise he wouldn’t be willing to do?

So Smoke Locke is lying to all the possible candidates, right?  He is telling them he needs them to get off the island.  But does he really, or does he just need to kill them all, so that the possible candidates are all dead so no one can stop Smoke Locke from getting off the island.

What is with Desmond?  What is so important about him?  Is it just his charming good looks and sexy accent?

A few random quick thoughts.

Why is Jack likeable again?  Oh because he isn’t in the episodes much lately.

The language amnesia thing with Sun was terrible, not a question, just a fact.  Way to gimmicky.

What is with Martin Keemy’s eyebrows?  They are creepy looking.

Also, I like that Mikahli’s eye gets shot out in safe landing world, just like on the island he is gonna go eye patch on us.

Finally, the line of the night:  Either Miles “Unless Richard was covered in bacon grease I don’t think he is finding him.”  Or Sawyer “That would be ridiculous.”


More questions after last night’s episode “Lighthouse”

Who is coming the island?  From what we know.  They are number 108 (same as the number of minutes between every push of the execute button in the hatch).  Their last name is Wallace (said so in the lighthouse).  When they come is it for good?  I assume so because Jacob wants them to come to the island.

Why is Locke’s body still there?  When Smokey was in the form of Christian, Christians body was gone (Jack reminds us of this in the cave).  Why is it different for Locke?  Is it because he is a candidate.  Which now allows him more “access” to people.  Will it also allow him to leave the island?  We are also told by Llana that he is now stuck in the form of Locke.  So clearly this is different then when he took the form of Christian.

Hurley talks about the bodies in the caves.  Clearly this is something with some importance otherwise it wouldn’t be mentioned.  A couple of guesses.  Maybe Hurley is right (doubt it though).  Maybe those are Jacob’s and Smoky’s bodies, or bodies of former Candidates.

The scene with the mirror.  So the names are on the dial.  The dial is going from higher numbers (its starts in the 120 range, and Hurley cranks in down) to lower numbers.  When it goes by what seems to be 108 degrees (Jack doesn’t tell Hurley to stop by the way) we see a temple of some sort.  So now Wallace has some connection to this temple I guess.  Then we see a church.  I assume this is at 42, the only number between 23 and 108.  42 was Kwon.  So I wonder what this church has to do with Jin (or Sun).

Line of the episode Claire to Jin “There’s one thing that will kill you around here, it’s infection”  Nice catch askbrowning.

Looking forward to Claire slamming an axe into Kate for baby stealing.

And finally am I way behind on this one but 4+8+15+16+23+42=108!!!!


After another episode of Lost, I have less answers and more questions…so here goes

I will start with my biggest theory-o-the-week:

I think it is possible that there are not actually two separate universes.  But rather, safe landing world and the island survivor world are both happening at the same time.  Could it be possible that Locke/Smokey are going to recruit Sawyer and then when they get off the island they are going to run into their “safe-landing-selves” and things are going to get crazy.  Could this be possible?

Now some more questions:

If the island blew up a lot of things would have changed here are a few things that shouldn’t have happened in the safe landing world…

Locke shouldn’t have wanted to go on a Walkabout tour of Australia, because Matthew Abanddon would not have suggested it, because he wouldn’t have worked for Charles Widmore if Widmore died in 1976.

Shouldn’t Ben be dead?  The island blew up, right?  So why is he teaching high school?

Hurley shouldn’t have won the lotto because he should not have known the numbers if they island blew up, how then did he win it?

On the subject of Hurley, what changed with the island blowing up that made Rose work for Hurley?  Or did she work for him before, but then wouldn’t she have known him on the island?

Is the blonde kid a young Jacob?

Why is Kate’s name not on the cave wall?  And even if it was, all the “numbers” are taken.   Locke-4, Reyes-8, Ford-15, Jarrah- 16, Shepard-23, Kwon- 42

I don’t know if this is a question or more of an observation.   Jack happened to end up on the island to fix Ben’s back, and in safe landing world he happened to run into Locke to offer to fix his back, interesting, eh?


Old LOST Posts:

It’s time to get LOST…I have a lot of thoughts and more questions, so here goes.

The biggest thing I took away from last night’s episode, it seems to me that someone is going to have to be a Christ figure and die to destroy the “evil” of the island.  The not so obvious choices would be either Sayid or Claire.  They both are “infected” with the “evil.”  What are they infected with?  Are they going to be inhabited by Smokemonster.  The ties to Smokey are clear because of the ash that the temple leader put over the wound on Sayid.  Will Claire or Sayid have to be totally infected and then die to stop the evil.  That seems a little less likely than the obvious Christ figure.  John Locke.  I think there is a good chance we have no seen the last of Locke alive on the island, and with his ties throughout the series to faith Locke seems like a good fit for this.  I think that Locke raising and killing himself (as the Smokemonster) could stop the evil.  I assume we will learn more about the “evil” on the island in the coming weeks, in the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts?

Some other questions and thoughts after last night…

It seems like the people in the world of safe landing recognize each other.  So far we know that Jack does.  He recognized Desmond on the plane, and then last night Kate and Jack recognized each other.  Obviously the safe landing people are going to have meet each other and possibly to save the island get together somehow.  Claire and Kate have begun a relationship.  Jack and Locke did in last week’s episode.  It will be interesting how these relationships play out.

Why was Ethan the doctor for Claire’s baby.  In Dharma land he was a surgeon not an OB/Gyn.  It seems to me Juliet would have been a better fit for Claire’s baby.

What is the distinction between the temple people and the others?  Are they the same?  Does an other become a temple person over time?  Cindy the flight attendant was seen in a few episodes with the others and then was seen with the temple people, same with the kids on the flight.  Aldo (Mac from It’s Always Sunny) was seen in a season 3 episode as an other and is now a temple guy.

The title “What Kate Does” plays on a title from season 2, “What Kate Did.”  I think that what Kate did was make mistakes, but what Kate does is try to help people.  Usually it doesn’t turn out very well, but deep down Kate is good and trying to do the right thing.  This theory has some obvious flaws, but I am standing by it.

Why was the water not clear in the spring at the temple?  Because Jacob died?  Was it clear when it saved Ben?  How about Claire?   Also, why did Sayid remember being shot, but when Ben was and put in the spring to be saved he did not remember?  Is it because the water was clear then?

What language is the temple people’s leader speak?  If is something discernable, what is he saying?

Would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts and questions…

8 Responses to “LOST”

  1. browning Says:

    I don’t think those in the world of “safe landing” consciously recognize each other. Jack knows Desmond from when they were both running at the stadium (Desmond was training for the boat race) and Jack sprained his ankle.

  2. jpurdom Says:

    I don’t think they consciously recognize each other…it is sub conscience. Jack and Kate made eye contact and it clearly wasn’t “we were on the same flight just now.” And as far as Des, I don’t think that in safe landing they would not have met when jack sprained his ankle because= island blown up in 1976= charles widmore died on island= des doesn’t have to try to impress charles= and possibly pen is never even born (she was born off island, so maybe she was)

  3. Kristen Says:

    I think the two different storylines are separate entirely as Faraday stated could be possible. Time was split into two occurring lives running parallel. I don’t think any of the characters should recognize each other but the fact that Jack remembers Desmond is strange. Does he remember him from the soccer field when Desmond was training to sail in the race? I can’t remember exactly when that happened.

    As far as Ben being a teacher, that’s what would have occurred if he had never been brought to the island in the first place bc his Dad probably would have never met Horace. I also think Locke could have still been encouraged to go on the walkabout by Abanndon (glad you wrote his name, no way I would have remembered) but its a pretty big stretch by the writers but they always stretch things 🙂

    I am not convinced Sayid is going to be part of smokie yet. I guess it might happen but I’m still hoping they’ll find a way to cure him. Hugo will be the new Jacob. He sees the dead and he has always been the most innocent of them all which has been a huge theme all along with the whole good/evil thing they are working.

    Richard freaked me out last night though. We’ve never seen him scared before. Has he lost his agelessness?

  4. jpurdom Says:

    Yeah the whole island blowing up impact on things is strange. Because the island blew up in 1976, as far as I can remember Ben was on the island at the time (he and his dad were already there), and so was Charles Widmore. Shouldn’t those people be dead? I would assume this is something they are not going to answer, only time will tell.

    Interesting point on Hugo, the next Jacob…I like it.

    Richard was great last night. He seems to be the “Adam” character in the garden. With Jacob being God, and Smokey being the serpent tempting Richard. I wonder about his agelessness. Is it lost, will he lose it if he follows Smokey (also, are we going with Smokey or Smokie or Smoke/Locke).

    *Desmond met Jack at a football stadium running stairs (season 2, I think). It was before Des was leaving for his trip around the world (so about 3 years before the Oceanic Flight crashed). Jack had just preformed surgery on his future wife. So they could recognize each other from that, but if Widmore died in the explosion Des wouldn’t have been training for the race.

  5. Browning Says:

    Is the reason a church showed up for Kwon’s number in the lighthouse mirror because Jacob first showed up to them at their wedding? Was that at a church?

    Jacob also showed up to Sawyer at his parents’ funeral… at a church… but that wouldn’t match up with his Ford’s number on the compass.

    • jpurdom Says:

      Thats what I was thinking originally. But Jack’s house is not where Jacob met him. So I am not sure. Plus Jin and Sun did not get married at a Church. They got married in a garden.

  6. Hattie Says:

    On last night’s LOST:

    I think you’re onto something with the open wounds. It wasn’t just Sun’s gash on the head that is suspicious. Smoke Locke (as you’re cleverly calling him) appears after she had already cut her finger when pulling weeds from the garden. I felt like they made a point to show her finger was bleeding. Good thinking Babies…hmmm.

    And Allie Statler made an interesting observation about Smoke Locke’s man boobs being prominent this season. What could that mean?

    • jpurdom Says:

      good point about Sun, I noticed that as I was watching last night, but this morning typing it up I forgot to mention it.
      as far as smoke locke’s man boobs, maybe he is “milking” the island of all its life, and then he is going to do that with the rest of the world after he gets off the island.

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