2016 Year in Review

Looking back at the blog over the past few years the posts have become fewer and further between. But the year in review has been a mainstay since the beginning so I might as well keep it going.
This year was a tale of two halves. The first half of the year was a continuation of final 6 months of 2015. High mileage, some great workouts, and high level of fitness. The shift was the start of August. I started teaching at a new school that starts at 7:05 and is 35 minutes away, as opposed to 15. So my morning runs have taken a huge hit. I was still able to run every day, but not at the level that I was running at before.
The big plus for me this year, was it was the most days I have run in a year. 365. Since it was a leap year I ran 365 out of 366. March 29th was the only day I missed. I had a little flare up in my lower back so took a day off. It was also my highest mileage year ever. I ran 3,618 miles this year. I basically ran 2,000 miles from January 1st through July 1st, and then 1,600 miles the rest of the year.
I didn’t race very much. I ran a handful of local 5Ks. I think I ran 4 competitive races, a mile, a 5K, and 2 10Ks. One of those two 10Ks resulted in a PR. It was my first 10K on the track and it was 20 degrees and sideways snow. It was a blast, and I was in pretty good shape at the time. I think with better weather I could have gone faster. But a PR was probably the competitive racing highlight of the year. 33:12.
Looking forward to 2017, I was able to start to get my lazy bones out of bed a little earlier towards the end of the semester, so I am hopeful that I can keep that routine up and actually get back into decent shape this spring. The only thing I have on the calendar for this year is the Ice Breakers Indoor Marathon in January. I am running on a relay team. After that I am thinking about possibly a return to the track for another crack at the 10K, or maybe a late spring or early summer half marathon.
With life being what it is and races becoming more and more scare on my calendar, I was thinking about some other goals for this year. I think I would like to (within reason due to injury/sickness) try to run every day this year, and also run at least one sub 5:00 mile every month. Maybe even make it a challenge, anyone want to join me in the #12sub5in17? Is that hashtag to confusing, you have a better idea? Anyway, good luck on the roads and trails in the new year.

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