Running Update

Running update.

When I first started this blog, I was single, looking for a full time job, and was a volunteer assistant coach. I am now married with two kids, a head coach and full time teacher (for the time being). That means some stuff gets pushed to the back burner, namely blog posting. I think I am averaging maybe two blog posts a year since Q was born.

The other thing that has slowly been pushed back is racing. I used to race 10, 11, 12 times a year. I don’t anymore, I know race maybe 4 or 5 times a year. My running goals seem to now be make sure I am in good enough shape to pace workouts (when needed) with our varsity guys and then have consistent training.

I am not a big running streak guy, I think a streak for streak sake is not something I think is helpful to run fast, which to me is my goal for running. That being said with my lack of racing I have slowly turned into a pseudo-streak guy. Last year I hit a streak of 188 days. This year I had a streak going of 233 days until I broke it last week. I had been feeling fine and not really seen any reason for a day off during the streak until last Saturday. I bent down to pick up my bag at our track meet and my back seized up, it has been sore ever since. I ran on it for a few days, but it didn’t seem to get better, so I took a day off. I think I could have physically handled running on it, but part of me wanted to be mentally tough enough to take a day off. I think I had become to driven by the streak and not by wanted to get faster, so it was more a move to reconnect with the reason (at least, the reason I tell myself) that I run, to run fast. So I took the day off. 233 days straight, I ran 2,546 miles in those days (almost 11 a day).

I think it helped to be able to reconnect with wanted to run fast because I knew I had a chance to race today. I had emailed a local college coach about running unattached in their 10K. I hadn’t run a 10K at all in about 3 years, and never on the track before today. I had grand plans to really train with some specific 10K work and be ready to run really fast…but of course life happened I basically ran workouts with the team and got in some easy running on my own, that combined with not doing a workout for about a week and half because of my back did not fill me with tons of confidence going into the race. Initially the race was supposed to be the final event of the track meet, scheduled to run about 6 pm. We were going to head up to my parents the boys and my wife would eat dinner with them and then head over to the race. Until, I received an email last night letting me know the race had been moved to 8:30 this morning.

I got up there solo and warmed up, it was cold. 30, snow and 15-20 MPH wind. Perfect cross country weather, not great for track. As I was finishing my warm up, I got word that the rest of the meet was cancelled, but they would still run the 10K. It was me and 7 other guys (3 unattached and 4 college guys). The race basically became a tempo run, I knew I wasn’t in great 10K shape, so I tried to stay controlled through the first part and then just couldn’t break that rhythm. Every 400 split was between 79-80.xx. My 1600 splits were (5:20.5, 5:22.2, 5:19.1, 5:19.5. 5:20.3, 5:20.8, and then closed in 73.4). Since I haven’t raced a 10K in a few years it still results in a PR 33:16. But certainly not what I thought I would run leading into it a few weeks ago.

I think now the plan will be back to training with the guys and get them ready to run fast at the end of the season. I will probably hop into one of the open races at the state meet Friday night (possibly the 3200 and go for a sub 9:30, or go for the sub 4:30).

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