Less is worse

The second half of last year was an incredibly consistent stretch of healthy running for me. For about 7 months leading up to our second child being born I was averaging 70 miles a week. I was in great shape, getting fit, setting some high goals and achieving them.
The last 6 weeks priorities have been switched, running has taken a backseat to most things (which is fine, there are things in my life much more important than running right now). However, what I find to be very frustrating is that as a result of running less I am now dealing with an injury. For the first time since last spring I am battling to stay running healthy. I thinks it’s interesting that in the last few years the only times I have been injured is when I have cut back on my running.
I am not exactly sure what is wrong with my foot. I think it is either planter fasciitis or a sprained toe. I am taking some days off to see if it gets better. Trying to ice and rest. Hopefully I will be healthy soon.
I guess my question is, does this happen to other people? When you run less do you get injured more?

One Response to “Less is worse”

  1. Jeff H (@jheath) Says:

    It happens to me. I have no scientific explanation, but it just feels like your body gets used to that groove of high mileage every week. It’s a shock to the system to reduce it. It’s a cruel twist.

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