Guess the mileage, baby or guess the mileage baby.

As I was running the other day, I was thinking about our soon to be expanding family. For those who don’t know what I talking about, my wife is due with our second child on January 12th. Less than a month away. I was thinking about a lot of things that need to happen in the next month before the baby gets here. But then I also then started about thinking running (that tends to happen in my brain). So naturally the two ideas merged into one. Which leads to this “contest.” Instead of a guess what day, or the weight, or the gender of the baby contest, what if I were to do a guess how many miles I run before the baby is born. The rules are simple, guess how many miles I am going to run between right now (December 16th) and the time the baby is born.

For those who want to make a more educated guess here are some things that may be helpful. For the last few months I have been averaging about 70 miles a week. I have a slightly nagging right hip flexor right now. I have no races on the horizon. My longer runs are usually Saturdays or Sundays. I sometimes take a cut back day either Monday or Tuesday.

Make your guess in the comments below. I don’t think there will be a prize, just the pride in knowing you are the best at this game.

3 Responses to “Guess the mileage, baby or guess the mileage baby.”

  1. Mike McGrath Says:


  2. jpurdom Says:

    for the record my guess is 274

  3. Skiing_ Says:

    I’m going to pull the Price is Right card and say 275 🙂

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