The end of the run streak

I am not a big run streak guy.  My goal with running is to race as fast as I can, and running streak for streak’s sake don’t mix with that idea.  You need to train smart to run fast, when you need recovery you take it.  That being said after coming off a foot injury last summer the days of running started to add up, first 25, then 50 then 100, all running at least 4 miles.  And then it just continued.  I have run at least 4 miles for the last 188 days.  A total of 1,526 miles since July 2 ( an average of 8.12 per day).  I made sure to continue to train smart, if I needed a down day I would go on an easy 4 miler to recover.  My body however had not told me yet that it needs a complete day off…until today.  About a week ago my son got a flu.  I tried my best to tell myself I wasn’t getting it, but try as I did, I got it.  So after some consideration today I realized missing one run to allow my body to fully focus on fighting off illness will be better off in the long run that turning my running streak into 189 days.  In some ways I am disappointed, it was a cool thing I had going but I am also excited now to be able to focus on my upcoming goals.  The streak was good to bridge my gap of motivation from the Naperville Half through the start of spring racing season and for that I am glad, but ultimately I am now excited about getting back after to to train to run fast this spring.

2 Responses to “The end of the run streak”

  1. Dan Purdom Says:

    That makes complete sense. From one obsessive to another- it is ok to take one … or even two ..or ..three days off. you will recover and avoid injury

  2. 2014 The Year in Running | Musings of a Runner, I am not sure if I am using 'musings' right, it just sounds cool. Says:

    […] I have created somewhat arbitrary goals to obtain to keep my running going.  Last year it was a running streak (at least 4 a day for 188 days).  This year in early November I crunched some numbers and realized […]

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